Word Revelation

Apostle G. Paneng

Apostle Paneng plied his trade as one of the people in charge of one of South Africa’s
biggest taxi associations.

The long working hours which characterize this industry were a training field for this man of God
as the Apostle later found out; he is a very dedicated man of God who works tirelessly for long
and odd hours, for the Kingdom of God.

A prayer shield of protection was experienced by this man of God in two instances where he was
pointed with a gun but escaped unscathed. Surely this was God’s work because few people escape these
instances. As this was happening his wife was already running prayer meetings.

Later on, this man of God realized how deprived he was of the time with God and also his family.
He took a decision to focus on helping (with no hope of becoming a pastor one day, given his background)
Prophetess Molly (his wife) with the prayer cell and later the starting up of the ministry which continues
to grow, to date. This provided the Apostle with opportunity of praying together with his family
something very close to his heart. Yes, challenges were experienced but what kept him going was a
song that says “When I remember what the Lord has done for me I will never go back anymore”, this song
continued to resonate in his mind in trying times.